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Who’s that guy in that orange shirt?
Oh, he’s Ashoke Kumar, one of many everyday workers at a call center. He’s our main character.

I don’t want to give you my money.
Um, okay?

Give me your money!

How may I donate to help support The Outsourced?
Yeah! Way to go! Here’s a PayPal button: [TODO]



Hey, your comics look like Cyanide & Happiness! >:(
But that’s it. We aren’t trying to mimic Cyanide & Happiness at all. These types of stick figures are quick and easy to draw, yet effective in conveying visual messages. I’m pretty sure that you’ve drawn stick figures before. If you compare artists, you may notice that there is something about each artist’s style that makes his or her artwork unlike anyone else’s. How’s that for uniqueness? Huh?! Don’t judge me! :'(

I’m a follower of Cyanide & Happiness myself, and this is the closest thing to The Outsourced I could find (NSFW). And to top it off, this comic was released AFTER The Outsourced started. That means they copied us! No, not really.

More importantly, though, The Outsourced comics feature recurring characters and continuing plot lines from a seemingly inexhaustible source of mostly clean humour. This is different from other web comics.

This is just a poor wannabe of Clients From Hell… >:(
In support of the answer to the above question, Clients From Hell actually influences us much more than Cyanide & Happiness.

We take Clients From Hell to a deeper level than having loosely connected blog posts. The Outsourced follows the life of the character Ashoke Kumar, at work or his personal life. How’s that in addition to the awesomeness from Clients From Hell?

Why are your comics ugly?
Well, I’m sorry for uploading easily readable and high-resolution comics.
But seriously now, uh, we haven’t perfected a way to produce good-looking drawings yet.  And we don’t hand-draw very well either.  And we’re not artists.

Aren’t high-resolution comics expensive to host?
Oh, yeah…  Oops. Wanna donate?

Why is this website ugly?
Didn’t I already say that we’re not artists?